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Why are Hummingbirds avoiding Danville feeder?

Published Thursday March 9

Courtesy of Rich Cordes Hummingbirds are regulars at backyard feeders, but they may busy themselves with other things at times.

DEAR JOAN: My husband and I have lived in a gated community for more than twenty years. We have an abundance of birds — crows, jays and a ton of finches — that we love to feed. We also enjoy a few squirrels.

Furthermore for 4 weeks now, we seem to have lost our handsome humming birds. We haven’t changed the recipe of sugar water that they enjoyed, and it’s a genuine puzzle for us.

Don’t worry, though. The birds will come back to your feeders when competition heats up from all the returning migrating hummers, and the soon-to-be hatched baby hummers.

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