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Central San Academy shows residents wastewater treatment behind the scenes

DanvilleSanRamon Mar 16: …Central San provides wastewater collection and treatment, recycled water and household dangerous waste disposal for roughly 481,600 residents and 3,000 businesses in the central part of the county, including Danville, most of San… (more…)

Milpitas residents queue up to shop at new Smart & Final Extra

Mercurynews Mar 16: The Milpitas opening follows the opening of other Orderly & Final Extra stores in South Lake Tahoe (archive) and Danville. (more…)

Thefts, vandalism, DUIs lead Danville police call log

DanvilleSanRamon Mar 16: Car break-ins, crashes, missing persons also reported Feb. 19-25… (more…)

Local author's personal tale of hope, faith and resilience

Comprehensive coverage in Pleasantonweekly Mar 16: Ildiko and Jud divide their time between Danville and Austin, Tex. where they have a 2nd home so they can be close to their son Nathan, his wife Caitlin and their grandson Caden, eighteen months. (more…)

Good Neighbors by Faith Barnidge: Hospice gala suports cancer patients, loved ones

Lengthy story in Eastbaytimes Mar 15: Fri March 31, at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum, 3700 Blackhawk Playa Circle, in Danville. (more…)

Diablo Dish: In-N-Out May Head to Walnut Creek

Diablomag Mar 15: A Berkeley bakery rebrands as a taproom; more St. Petersburg, Russia, Paddy’s Day celebrations; flamenco dancing at Telefèric Barcelona; winemaker dinners in Danville; a boozy event in Livermore; plus, a ticket giveaway! (more…)

San Ramon men saved driver trapped in creek while bystanders took photos

Mercurynews Mar 15: …poses with Contra Costa Supervisors Diane Burgis and Candace Andersen on Tue Mar 14 while holding a proclamation honoring the person nephew Clayton Wiedemann, who along with neighbor Daniel Rich rescued a Danville man whose car… (more…)

Toddler with medical emergency gets special convoy through snow storm

Crime – CNN Mar 15: The kid needed to get from Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono in East Stroudsburg to Geisinger Children’s Hospital in Danville, PA State Police said. (more…)

Serra tops rival St. Francis in WCAL baseball opener

Smdailyjournal Mar 15: …Danville, that said Scott lost a bid for a perfect game in the 7th inning on an error at 3rd base by Garcia. (illustration) (more…)

Snowplows escort child needing heart transplant

KTVU Mar 15: …made between hospitals in East Stroudsburg and Danville, some eighty miles apart.The storm dropped (illustration: José Manuel Suárez) more than 20… (more…)

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Blackhawk author's personal tale of hope, faith and resilience

Long article from DanvilleSanRamon Mar 10: Ildiko and Jud divide their time between Danville and Austin, Tx. where they have a 2nd home so they can be close to their son Nathan, his wife Caitlin and their grandson Caden, eighteen months. (more…)

Writer wants better coverage of tactics to remove pipeline protesters

Eastbaytimes Mar 10: My Google search (“March four Trump Cali. – Berkeley”) showed just 3 Calif. rallies were planned: 2 in the conservative bastions of San Diego and Palm Springs; but they chose Berkeley — not Atherton, Danville or Hillsborough… (more…)

San Ramon’s Vitality Bowls group teams up with San Jose allergy crusaders

Eastbaytimes Mar 9: Other Vitality Bowls are in Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Castro Valley, Cupertino, Danville, Dublin, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Newark, Palo Alto and Redwood City. (more…)

Why are Hummingbirds avoiding Danville feeder?

Eastbaytimes Mar 9: Courtesy of Rich Cordes Hummingbirds are regulars at backyard feeders, but they may busy themselves with other things at times. (more…)


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How to Say or Pronounce USA Cities — West Danville, Vermont

Youtube: This video shows you how to say or pronounce West Danville, Vermont. A computer stated West Danville, Vermont. How would you say West Danville, Vermont?

Danville Political Club

Youtube: This Article Danville Political Club is composed of Creative Common Content. The Original Article can be location at Check us out at The Danville Political Club…